May 28, 2015 This trip wouldn’t be possible if not for our hard work (in searching for blogs, guides and etc), the very kind tour facilitator Kuya Tatsky, and of course because of CebuPacific’s promo fare! 🙂 We were 8 in the group and this made the trip a little less pricey. This is actually a part of our Cebu-Bohol tour. After arriving at Mactan Cebu International Airport at 7:10am, we rode a taxi going to Pier 1 (Cebu-Tagbilaran) which only cost us P200 for 4 people. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch our 8AM ferry ride going to Tagbilaran City (via Oceanjet) and we had to pay P100 for the rebooking. Not a big deal though. It was just heartbreaking to see the ferry you’re supposed to be riding drift away slowly right before your teary eyes! Haha! Our ferry schedule was moved from 8am-9:20am. We just had lunch at a carinderia in front of the ticketing counters, we ate puso (rice in tagalog), Cebu chorizo (my fave!), and hotdogs for less than P100 for two! 🙂 Yum! After taking our lunch, we boarded our ferry to Tagbilaran. Finally! It was a 2 hour ride and we couldn’t wait to see Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers because we only see them in our history books in grade school! 🙂

Our tour guide waited for us at the port with the sign that stated “Ms. (my full name) & Company”. We were like “Wow! Special ha!” 🙂 We headed to Loboc to have our river cruise lunch since it was 11:30am already. He informed us that there are two floating restaurants in the area, we chose Busay Monarch resto because he said if you want a more scenic spot, choose this, but if you’re after good food, go to the other resto. The buffet at the restaurant was okay for P450, P100 pesos from that actually goes to the maintenance, safety and security charges . My partner and I ate lots of crabs! I didn’t know that apart from the food and live band at the cruise, there is a cultural dance performance by the kids of Loboc, so that’s where a part of our P450 goes. 🙂

The river cruise took 1 hour. The lush greenery including the river was very relaxing and calming. Add to that the live band playing soft music in the background.

Ahhhh…. So relaxing!
Overlooking the remains of Baclayon Church
Overlooking the remains of Baclayon Church

After eating to our heart’s content, we proceeded to our next stop, Tarsier Conservation Area. There aren’t plenty of tarsiers here, we saw around 4 but I was still amazed at how little these creatures are with those big eyes. We immediately went to the next destination which is the famous chocolate hills.

No camera flash for our tarsier (with eyeglasses) please!

Before heading to the viewing deck to see chocolate hills, we made a quick stop at Loboc Man-made Forest.

Students are also required to plant these trees for their school clearance. Nice! :)
Students are also required to plant these trees for their school clearance. Nice! 🙂

I didn’t know that chocolate hills in Bohol were that plenty until I saw them, at the viewing deck and while on the road going to other spots. Like hundreds of them scattered throughout the neighboring towns. That’s a fact shared by our guide. Going up to the stairs of this deck made my legs wobbly. Haha! I have weak legs!


We were a bit tired after visiting chocolate hills when we proceeded to the Butterfly Sanctuary. All eight of us have been to a butterfly garden so we didn’t expect too much here. We thought it would just be another visit but we were so happy that we made a quick stop because the tour guide assigned to us was very funny! He kept cracking jokes that we forgot we were tired! 🙂

Thank you for making us smile Kuya! 🙂
My cute butterfly ring!
My cute butterfly ring!

Our last stop was the bamboo hanging bridge. I didn’t go with them because my legs were still tired. My friend and I stayed at the store in front and bought buko juice and laughed heartily while watching her partner who was slowly and surely and nervously making his way to and from the bridge.

You can do it!

Our friends bought their souvenir shirts here for only P100 each. I bought peanut kisses at the store for only P130/16 packs (7pcs/pack). This place has the cheapest price for shirts and peanut kisses. 🙂 We also went to the Blood Compact site to buy more souvenirs and then went grocery shopping at the city mall. We arrived at our resort in Alona beach, Panglao (Alonaland Resort) at around 8:30pm. Just in time to prepare and have dinner! 🙂

Expenses per head:
(Group of 8)

Van tour (₱2,700): ₱338
Loboc lunch: ₱450
Tarsier Consv. Area: ₱50
Butterfly garden: ₱30
Hanging Bridge: ₱20
Souvenir shirt: ₱100
Peanut Kisses: ₱130
Total: ₱1118

For van/car rental contact Tatsky Cubero:
SUN: 09223671051
GLOBE: 09157945556
SMART: 09127472737

For BOHOL TOUR PACKAGES, ACCOMODATIONS & FERRY TICKETS from Cebu to Bohol, contact Katherine Cubero (Tatsky’s wife)
SUN: 09238440241
GLOBE: 09278218352
SMART: 09217299549

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