Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping with Bare International

I have been hearing this kind of job before but I didn’t know it truly exists until I bumped into a forum talking about it. At first I was skeptical, like, are they legit, do they really pay after completion of the job, is the job hard, I had so many thoughts back then. I decided to try it out and I signed up with Bare International ( I have also signed up with Satisfind ( but I always applied to jobs at Bare International because there were plenty of projects and locations to choose from.

After signing up, I saw projects to go mystery shopping at different locations of one retail chain (confidential info). Of course, I applied to the shops near me. After I applied, they sent me the guidelines and an online manual so I would know how to rate the staff, the store and my experience. Basically, it’s just all about rating the shopping experience. I didn’t have a hard time completing the shop/job because I was equipped with the tools they gave me (the manuals). Everything was a breeze. And if I had questions or clarifications about the project, the manager was always eager to answer me.

By the way, most of the projects can be performed in less than 30 mins.The projects I completed was paid €8 each shop. I make sure that I perform more than one shop because it takes almost one month (maximum) to get paid via PayPal (para sulit ang hintay).

Here are the payments I received from Bare so far.

Not bad to spend your free time with.

You can try it out too. Happy Mystery Shopping! 🙂

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