Tinipak River, Daraitan, Tanay Rizal

This trip was unexpected as we were only informed about it days before the planned date. But hey, unplanned trips are exciting! 🙂

Brgy. Daraitan in Tanay Rizal is 2.5 hours from us, which is Cainta. It can actually be reached less than 2 hours except for the very rough roads. Good thing we used a car and did not commute.

Our call time was 5:30 am and we met at Petron somewhere in Taytay. Since some of us hadn’t eaten yet, we decided to stop by a lugawan house and we reached Brgy. Daraitan at around 9am. We also bought Andok’s chicken and rice so we can conserve energy and have fun since it was just a day trip.

We rode this balsa to get to the other side.

After riding the balsa (raft), we headed to the barangay hall and registered our names. We had to choose if we want to swim on Tinipak River or trek Mount Daraitan, which our guide said is not for beginners. Since we originally planned to swim on the river, four of us decided to split with the rest of the group who wants to climb the mountain.

The other group preparing to climb Mount Daraitan

We passed by trees and several rock formations and I can’t fathom that we have a place like this in Rizal!


Wow 🙂


After hiking (and some rock climbing on the side) for 30-45 minutes, we took a rest and stopped by a store that has cottages for 20 pesos per table, and rooms for 700 pesos for overnight, tents can also be pitched on the area. We ate our lunch here because once you reach the cave or swimming areas, you’re gonna have to eat on the rocks.

Room PHP700/night
Relax mode ON

After eating, we were supposed to go to the cave but my legs were feeling wobbly (again!!!) because of the hike going to the river and there was no ladder to get me to the next rock to the cave. Our guide told us that there was a ladder before but it was destroyed by a recent typhoon. We had to jump from one big rock to another one which is about 1.5 meters away from each other. I was afraid my short legs won’t be able to make it!  (I’m gonna have to conquer my acrophobia!!!)

So of course, we still went swimming…dipping…and swimming…..and swimming! The boys went cliff jumping too! They had to climb their way through the rocks though! 🙂

Careful of the strong currents!

Super clear water!

We really enjoyed dipping in the river and will definitely go back and try to climb Mount Daraitan.



  • Do warm up exercises to prevent muscle aches after this trip.
  • Wear a hat to protect your face from the sun.
  • Use sunblock lotion/cream.
  • Wear aqua shoes when swimming, rocks going to the swimming area are slippery, they’re mossy. (We witnessed 3 women slipped on rocks on their way to swim)
  • Wear leggings to prevent tree branches scratch you.
  • Wear hiking/rubber shoes.
  • If you plan to trek Mount Daraitan, stay overnight so you can visit Tinipak River too!




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